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LATEST BOOK: Coming Home


Coming Home is gracious, inspiring, daunting and practical.”

– Mike Frost


Discipleship, Ecology and Everyday Economics

by Jonathan Cornford

Coming Home provides something that is virtually non-existent in Christian literature: an articulation of biblical faith in the nitty gritty of everyday material life that simultaneously responds to the great challenges of ecological crisis, economic injustice, social malaise and family breakdown. It takes seriously the ways in which the shape of our household economy – our work, leisure, consumption, investment and use of time – impact our relations with others, with the earth, and with God. Coming Home joins biblical theology with analysis of contemporary problems to help chart a practical, hopeful and life-giving path through troubled times.

Morning Star Publishing


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Endorsements for Coming Home:

If you are at all serious about the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus today, then frankly, this is a dangerous book. It’s dangerous because it calls us to an expression of faith that really counts in the most daily actions of life. There are no remote theories or platitudes here. In a highly practical way, Jonathan details a hand-on faith that has implications for everything: from whom we invite home to dinner to the hours we work each week; from how we commute to how we use our leisure time, from the way we shop to how we save and invest our money; and so much more. No doubt, this book is a good and accessible read. But be warned, reading it is risky business. It could change your life.

Rev. Simon Carey Holt, Author of Eating Heaven and Heaven All Around Us

In this engagingly written book, Jonathan Cornford demonstrates how the radical message of the gospel speaks to the nitty gritty of our daily life. Exploring all aspects of our household economy, Cornford offers up a biblical vision for whom we welcome, the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the way we fill our time, the ways we love our place, and the open-handed generosity that shapes our homes and finances. Weaving together astute cultural observations, wise biblical insights, and practical actions, Cornford paints a way of life where community can flourish in deeply faithful ways. This book calls out not only to be read, but to be studied with your church and community as a guide for deeper discipleship in an often overwhelming world.

Dr.Sylvia C. Keesmaat, co-author of Colossians Remixed and Romans Disarmed

So many of us live in a tension. Caught between the inevitability of being part of a cultural system and the desire for this cultural system to not dictate our way of being in the world. We want to do something to bring about change but often our intention doesn’t play out into our actions and our lifestyles and so in reality we lose ourselves in the overwhelming force of western society. What I love about this book is that Jonathan so clearly points the way forward. He refuses to let go of that tension and succumb to the un-intentional life. He refuses to name theory and theology without nailing it down into the everyday practicalities of eating, of gardening, of what we do with our waste, of how live on the ground. For anyone who feels this tension between desire and lifestyle. This book is for you.

Joel McKerrow, poet, author of Hollowed Out Lungs

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