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Public Lecture: Grief and Hope in an Age of Climate Change

A growing awareness of the significant ecological challenges the world faces is being accompanied with rising rates of mental illness, particularly amongst young people.     For many, thinking about the future fills them with anxiety and despair.  What are the conditions that have given rise to this phenomenon? How might ancient practices from within the Christian tradition help us in processing potentially overwhelming emotions and assist us to live well in the face of ecological uncertainties?

Dr Andrew Shepherd is an environmentalist, public intellectual, and theologian who has a gift for explaining the big issues in the world and offering hopeful insights about how we might respond. Dr Shepherd has spent three decades as a thinking-practitioner, involved in the sectors of intercultural, environmental, and theological education, practical conservation and youth work.  His current role is as Senior Lecturer in Theology and Public Issues within the Theology Programme at the University of Otago /Ōtākou Whakaihu Waka, New Zealand / Aotearoa.

Wednesdays 7pm, from 17th July (fortnightly)

Christianity vs Capitalism

A webinar series taking a deep dive into understanding capitalism and a Christian response to it.

Wednesday nights, 7pm-8:15pm

Fortnightly from July 17

  1. What is it? The history and character of the capitalist world system (July 17)
  2. The capitalist world system and the Principalities and Powers (July 31)
  3. Religion and the rise of capitalism (Aug 14)
  4. Capitalism, poverty and inequality (Aug 28)
  5. Christian witness in the midst of capitalism (Sep 11)
  6. Imagining post-capitalism (Sep 25)