Manna Gum is an independent Christian non-profit organisation that seeks to promote a vision of life that is truly good news: for us, for our neighbours and for the world.

We publish articles, podcasts and other resources that provide a biblical perspective on economy, ecology and other important stuff.

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Jonathan Cornford was recently interviewed by Meredith Lake, from ABC RN's Soul Search program.

Justine Toh, from the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), talks about why Manna Gum's work matters.

A new ep of the MannaCast is out now! If you want a behind-the-scenes discussion of the whats, the hows, and the whys - this is the episode for you. It also makes a great intro for new folks! Listen here:

Manna Matters

Manna Matters is the quarterly of Manna Gum, covering topics such as Economics in the Bible, Everyday economics, Understanding the times, People living differently, Ecology in crisis, Poverty and Development.

You can sign up to receive Manna Matters via email or post or both! (see below). The paper copy is black and white, using 100% recylced post-consumer waste paper and envelopes.

MannaCastOur monthly podcast

Episode 26

Episode 26

What is Manna Gum?

To celebrate the launch of Manna Gum's new website and a new logo, Jacob and Jonathan take the opportunity to discuss the what, how, and why of Manna Gum. What is it all about and where is it going? There is no doubt that some things about Manna Gum are a bit unconventional - this episode will help make a little more sense of the method behind the madness.

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Manna Gum seeks to live within the economy of God - frugally, ethically and through the generous sharing of abundance within the community of faith.

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A webinar series taking a deep dive into understanding capitalism and a Christian response to it.