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MANNACAST: Manna Gum's Podcast series

Conversations about a vision of life that is truly good news for us, for our neighbours, and for the world. On the MannaCast we discuss the intersection of Christian faith, ecology, and economics.

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AUDIO: Rethinking Prosperity

Jonathan Cornford is interviewed by Meredith Lake on ABC Radio National's Soul Search program.

"How much stuff is too much? It's a question rarely asked here in the 'Lucky Country', but it has become central to the life of Jonathan Cornford, a political economist and theologian exploring new ways of thinking about money and consumption."

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VIDEO: Towards a Downshifting Economy

Jonathan Cornford, public lecture at the Southern Cross Community Church, 4 June 2023. This lecture is an exercise in new political imagination, arguing that downshifting the Australian economy to a lower consumption, higher well-being model is not only desirable but also well within reach.

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AUDIO: Seeking the Simple Life

Jonathan Cornford is interviewed by Meredith Lake on ABC Radio National's Soul Search program. They discuss place, ecology, household economics, simple living and Christian community.

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VIDEO: The Gospel in a Consumer Culture

Jonathan Cornford, ‘Faith-Thinking’ Public Lecture, 14 August 2019, Whitley College, beginning with Rev Simon Holt launching Coming Home: Discipleship, Ecology and Everyday Economics.

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VIDEO: Kingdom Gardeners

Kingdom Gardeners – Faith, environment and mission (an event hosted by A Rocha and Interserve Australia, June 2019)

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VIDEO: Our Place

This short video was made for the Tearfund staff day in 2021. The Cornford family reflect upon how they think about their home as a site for God’s work of healing and restoration.

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AUDIO: What is overseas aid worth?

Listen to a discussion on ABC Radio National's Big Ideas program between Anglican Archbishop, Dr Philip Freier, Jonathan Cornford from Manna Gum, and Valerie Browning, an Australian-born midwife who has lived in the Horn of Africa for 35 years. (7 Jun 2012)

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