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May 2012

Manna Matters May 2012

bottling apples

Bottling apples on the Arts of Home Economy Retreat.

We were very encouraged and very humbled by the response to our New Year appeal - we continue to be amazed and blessed by the well of ‘eager generosity’ (as Paul would say) that is out there. Thank you to all those who have sent support or even just kind words - man does not live by bread alone.

There has been a lot going on over the past few months, and even more coming up. Over February and March Jonathan led a thematic study series on Matthew that mined the rich seams of discipleship, the Kingdom of God and healing and wholeness in the first gospel. At the end of March, Kim, Janet Ray and Tanya and Campbell Holt led a weekend retreat on the arts of home economy at the Holt’s property near Numurkah. It was a fantastically productive weekend that resulted in bottled fruit, home made cheeses, bread, pasta, ice-cream and marshmallow, to name a few of the things that went on. Keep your eye out for this opportunity again early next year.

We are in the middle of our eight-week series on the Household Covenant, which has been attended by quite a large and very engaged group. As always, we are finding that there is so much to explore and so little time ... Jonathan has also done a few speaking engagements lately: a panel discussion on our use of money at Surrender; a forum on aid and development with Archbishop Philip Freier at Federation Square; and a lunchtime lecture on the church as an alternative economic community at Tabor and Stirling Colleges. We are very excited that in the coming months we will be doing quite a bit of work with particular church communities - we do not really know where this will go, but we are convinced that it is important work, so please pray for us. If you would like Manna Gum to do some thinking with your community, please contact us.