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November 2013

Manna Matters November 2013

A busy year is drawing to a close and we are approaching that time of year in the Christian calendar when we are called to reflect on the meaning of Christianity’s scandalous claim that God became one of us. The great challenge for us is whether we can find enough stillness, in what really has become a silly season, to let this awesome truth touch us.

We have just completed our annual A Different Way week, exploring Christ’s call to a new way of living. The week follows a rhythm of prayer and singing, exploring the Bible, thinking about the world, and getting our hands dirty in something active and productive (see photos below). It is a great privilege to share this week with a group of people all thinking seriously about their faith and their lives.

In October we were privileged to take part again in TEAR’s bi-annual Victoria gathering, focussed on the theme of ‘Choosing Life’. We ran three sessions, each in some way about money: a history of global capitalism; an exploration of Mammon in the gospels; and discussion of household finances and budgeting from a discipleship perspective.

In the last couple of months Manna Gum has been able to share with churches from a range of denominations, which has been very pleasing. We are hoping to develop this aspect of our ministry.  If you would like Manna Gum to come and share with your church in some way, please get in touch.

As mentioned in the previous edition, Manna Gum is relocating its base of operations to Bendigo next year. In one sense, nothing much will change in Manna Gum’s work – we will continue to do the same sort of things – however, inevetably we will need to re-think how we do some things. Our hope is that the move will not only open up opportunities in Bendigo and regional Victoria, but may also open up new opportunities for how we work in Melbourne. We would appreciate your prayers as Manna Gum enters this new season of its ministry.

The annual and obligatory A Different Way compost heap.

Anne contributing to a painting of 'enough' (with artistic guidance from Mairead).

Dave disassembling CD covers for recycling at the Green Collect warehouse.

Susan and Miriam disassembling computer keyboards for 'upcycling' at the Green Collect Warehouse.