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The Torah of Ethical Consumption

Manna Matters August 2013


1.  Buy less stuff!

2.  Choose longer-lasting and better quality.

  • less plastic, less toxic materials, more durability, less packaging, more recyclability

3.  Can you buy what you need second hand?

  • clothing, technology (phones, computers, TVs etc), furniture and other household items, cars and bikes, and much more …

4. Where possible, choose products with certification systems that provide some protection for people and the environment, in particular, look for:


  • Fair Trade
  • Organic and Free Range
  • Ethical clothing Australia
  • Palm Oil free – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood

5.  Preference products marked ‘Product of Australia’.

This means that the bulk of the materials and manufacturing have been sourced here; ‘Made in Australia’ refers only to manufacture.

6.  Use The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping to:

  • preference Australian-owned companies
  • preference companies with better corporate records
  • avoid companies with poor corporate records

7.  Agitate for change.

Support efforts to encourage the major brands and retailers to take more responsibility for workers’ rights and the environment.


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