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News from Long Gully

August 2023

Jonathan Cornford

Manna Matters August 2023

Flag 2023 by Sally Nansen, see Manna Gum Gallery, this edition.

A major new work that has begun in the last couple of months is the building of a new Manna Gum website. The website plays a linchpin role in Manna Gum's ministry, however, it has been limping along without an upgrade since 2009 (!) and is well and truly on its last legs. Building a new website costs a fair bit of money and we are looking for suggestions from Manna Matters readers as to how we can fundraise to help pay for it. If you have some thoughts, please get in contact.

A highlight of the previous few months was a public lecture I gave in Eltham, hosted by the Southern Cross Community Church. The lecture was entitled ‘Towards a Downshifting Economy’ and provided me with an opportunity to expand the range of ideas I have been discussing. For over a decade, Manna Gum material has focussed on reclaiming a Christian practice of everyday economics. In this lecture, I was able to begin outlining how the outlook that underpins such practices can be extrapolated into a larger political and economic vision. The lecture was recorded and is now available as MannaCast ep. 18.

Lastly, I unfortunately have to announce that, for personal reasons, we have to cancel this year's A Different Way Week, that we had scheduled for November. This was a disappointing decision to have to come to, but necessary. Sorry to those who had been hoping to come.

Public lecture at Southern Cross Community Church, Eltham, Victoria. See MannaCast ep. 18 for the recording.