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May 2016

Manna Matters May 2016


Our big news is the release of Jonathan's first book, Coming Back to Earth, published with Morning Star Press. This is a collection and re-working of some of his longer pieces of writing, including some that began as Manna Matters articles. It is a short book, only 100 pages long and we think quite easy to read – in fact, it would make an ideal birthday or Christmas present for that loved one who is struggling to reconcile theological and ethical angst with the state of the world... You can purchase a copy here.

We were hugely blessed and greatly humbled by the response to our special appeal raising money for a Manna Gum study trip to the UK. We raised the target of $5000, which makes the trip now well viable. We are deeply thankful for your support.

Unfortunately, while the financial side of things is taken care of, the timing turned out to be abominable. Most of the people we wanted to see wre unavailable, so we have had to postpone the trip until next year. This was a bit disappointing for us, as we were hoping to make the timing work with our family trip in June/July, but it looks like it will make for a better study trip in the long run. The money raised from the appeal will be quarantined until then.

This first part of the year has been the first go for Jonathan at combining normal Manna Gum work with his Ph.D study on Christianity and capitalism. It has been a stretch, but also very rewarding, and has certainly added a renewed energy to his work. Jonathan will share a bit about the project he is pursuing in the next edition of Manna Matters.

In November this year, we are re-starting our intensive exposure week, A Different Way, now running out of Bendigo and hosted by the Seeds Community. Details here.