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September 2012

Manna Matters September 2012

Since the last edition of Manna Matters our work has continued apace. This year we have developed a two-part series - A New Way of Living: Following Jesus in the things that matter - that we can run with churches as an introduction to Manna Gum’s message of good news economics. The hope is to open-up new perspectives on faith and life, and point to resources for further exploration. In June and July we ran the series in Ringwood, Doncaster and Eltham, and while each group was different, they all provided very engaged discussions. Thanks so much to Emily, Mitch, Donna, Sue and Ben who hosted and organised the meetings in their area. If you are interested in Manna Gum running the New Way of Living series with your church or group, please contact us.

The other noteworthy things in the past couple of months have been the publication of an article on the economy of enough in the most recent edition of TEAR’s Target magazine, and running a series of staff/student devotions at Tabor College.