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News from Long Gully

November 2023

Jonathan Cornford

Manna Matters November 2023

As I write this I am just preparing to head to Canberra for the annual conference of the New Economy Network Australia (NENA - check out the website at This year the theme of the conference is 'Life After Capitalism' with major themes such as 'a wellbeing economy' and 'degrowth'. I will be presenting on the post-capitalist vision of R.H. Tawney. Tawney was an economic historian and public Christian intellectual in Britain between the wars, who had an enormous influence on the shape of post-war social democracy in both Britain and Australia. His ideas were rooted in his sense of the profound implications of the Christian gospel for the shape of economic life, but his influence had a lot to do with his ability to work in a broad social coalition, and to find common cause amongst diverse groups towards a vision of a better economy. I hope that more Christians in our day will be able to find their way into grassroots social movements such as the New Economy Network. This is something Manna Gum will give more focus to in the coming years.

As we head towards the new year, some significant changes are afoot in Manna Gum, with a new website, new look and new themes to be unveiled in 2024. Watch this space!

I hope this Advent season you are able to find some respite from the noise and superficiality to rediscover the wonder of the Christ child.