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September 2019

Manna Matters September 2019


'Join me'

Manna Gum is now on Facebook! Have we gone over to the Dark Side? We're not sure yet, but if you want to find out, search '@mannaeconomy', and you can like us, follow us, or do any of those needy-sounding things that you do in social media.

This is the 30th edition of Manna Matters in Manna Gum's tenth year of existence. Something of a milestone, considering the whole thing was a bit of an uncertain experiment. Thanks to all those who have supported us and made it possible.

This is a bit of a bumper edition as we are trialling putting more stories into Manna Matters. Please let us know whether you like it, or if it is too much!

The last three months have been very full but very rewarding. We received the exciting news that Coming Home was shortlisted for 'The Australian Christian Book of the Year Award', which has been great for publicity (it didn't win). In June I spoke at a combined Interserve/A Rocha event, 'Kingdom Gardeners', at Syndal Baptist Church. The video can be seen here. In July, Manna Gum and the Seeds Community in Bendigo hosted a visit from the Next2 group of young adults from Whitley College. The following Sunday I spoke at Collins Street Baptist Church on 'Ethics at the Supermarket'. In August, I gave a public lecture at Whitley College, 'The Gospel in a Consumer Age', along with the last of the launch events for Coming Home. The video can be seen here. The following Sunday, Jonathan spoke at Essendon Baptist on creation care. Phew!

 Jonathan Cornford